Rules for 2020 Stone Horses Country Fair

Stone Horse Country Fair Show 2019 Show Rules 


Setup starts at 7:00 am and the show will begin at 8:00 am.


Shipshewana Town Center, 760 S. Van Buren Street, Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

Map and directions are available on our website at 

Due to several requests, we are going to allow ALL model sizes to show: Traditional, Classic, Little Bits, Pebbles, Chips, Stablemates, Micro minis.  If it fits on the table, you can show it!

Class Limits

3 horses per class in halter and 2 horses per class in performance. You may show additional models in halter classes by putting a dollar next to the extra model(s). Judges will pick up the dollar.

Tagging Your Models

Each model must be tagged with a stringed tag with the following information:

Side One: Model breed and gender

Side Two: Model name and shower’s initials

Please write LEGIBLY!

Show Rules

  • All entrants will sign an entry form and waiver agreeing to abide by the show rules.
  • Please do not talk to judges while they are judging and stay back from the show tables while they are being judged. Judges will be happy to answer any question after the class is judged.
  • All judges’ decisions are final.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Show management reserves the right to split large classes or combine small classes.
  • Do not pick up or touch anyone’s models without permission.

All 6 show rings will run simultaneously. Each class will be called once, then again, and then a “class closed” announcement will be made. Please pay attention to the announcer or judge as the show will move along at a steady pace.

General Guidelines for All Classes

  • Please do not use footing or bases in halter unless the model needs it to stand properly.
  • Reference material are encouraged, however, please DO NOT use books as reference unless they are less than 5” tall and shorter than the length of the model when open or no bigger than 8 ½ “ X 11”
  • Documentation for Decorator classes is required!
  • We will not hold halter or performance classes for a model showing in the other division.
  • Breed assignment – Please ask your judge if you have a question about in which class your model should show.

Performance Guidelines

  • Limit of 2 models per shower in each class.
  • Guaranteed set up time of 10 minutes between classes. If you have a major tack change let the show holder or judge know and arrangements for a time extension may be made.
  • If using footing in a tray, please use the smallest tray possible. For pleasure classes, no larger than 11” x 14” and within NAMHSA limits for all other classes (18” x 30”).
  • Use documentation where appropriate.

Division Definitions

  • OF Stone Halter: Any regular or SR model produced by the Peter Stone Company that was an edition of 30 pieces or more. Design-A-Horse models are included in this division. Information on run sizes is available on the Stone Horse Reference site at
  • OF Stone Limited Run and OOAK: Any Stone model that is part of an edition of 29 pieces or less, including all OOAK Models.
  • OF Other Plastic: Any plastic model not manufactured by the Peter Stone Company.
  • Customized: Any plastic or mass produced resin model that has been altered in any way by an individual other than the manufacturer.
  • Artist Resins: Any model produced in limited number and finished by an individual.
  • OF Plastic Decorators: OF plastic models not eligible for regular breed classes. This includes models painted with unrealistic colors, designs or patterns. 
  • Fantasy models are models who began their lives as an equid. First and second place in this division is  qualifiable for yellow NAN collectibility cards.

  • Limit of 3 models per class in halter classes and 2 models per class in performance classes.


  • Ribbons are awarded for 1st through 3rd placings. 
  • Certificates will be given to the champion and reserve champion of each SECTION.
  • Stone Trophy Models are awarded for Overall Champion and Reserve Champion in each division in halter, only.  There will be no trophy model given to winners of any collectibility division or class.  

The Champion and Reserve Champion are the two best horses in their division or section. Therefore, the Champion will be chosen from 1st place horses and Reserve Champion will be chosen from the remaining 1st place horses plus the 2nd place horse behind the Champion.

NAN INFORMATION:  The first and second place models in each class will receive a "NAN" card which qualifies them to compete at the North American Model Horse Showers Finals held yearly at various locations.  Green NAN cards are for breed, yellow NAN cards are for collectibility and pink NAN cards are for performance.

Thank you!

Thank you for entering the Stone Horses Country Fair 2019 Show! If have any questions, please ask! The show staff is here to help. Please take a few moments before you leave today to fill out the feedback form and leave it at the judges table. We are always interested in improving the show and your input is valued.

--The Stone Horses Show Staff